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Harold W. SA

Daniel Messerli, administrator and watchmaker of Maison Harold W. SA, is an expert in the field of high-end watches, mechanical and complication movements. Benefiting from a long experience in the restoration of timepieces, he created his own watch brand in 2010.


Daniel Messerli's journey as a watchmaker begins with the design of an elegant large date steel watch which he named “Harold B10”.

Meeting a great success with the public, he then decided to take a new step by manufacturing the model “Harold B11”. It is thanks to the collaboration with several artisanal workshops of the Jura, in particular for the assembly, the casing and the design of the case that this last model is born.


This mechanical self-winding watch is available in several colors on a steel base. To meet the demands of daily use, it has a sapphire crystal and a screw-down crown.  


Daniel Messerli is looking forward to welcoming you to Harold W. to present a large collection of watches, jewelry or to have a unique piece of jewelry created for you by the jewelry workshop.

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